Activities in Granada

Unforgottable flamenco night with an optional dinner in the famous gipsy quarter of the Sacromonte Flamenco music and dance is the most authentic expression of the cultural and ethnic heritage of Andalucía. Passion, rhythm and strength are the distinctives of this art that automatically involves you in an emotional trip. Come and feel the arabic, african and gipsy roots of flamenco. Experience this World Intangible Heritage in a typical flamenco tablao, located in one of the most famous caves in the Sacromonte quarter.
From EUR 60
Amazing experience in a wonderful hammam located at the very centre of the Nasrid city. The remains of some of the several hammams -public baths- of Granada still stand all over the city. They worked as a purification place and also as a meeting point for people from all the status and origins. The hammam Al-Andalus have recovered the idea of the classic bath and has adapted it to new technics and requirements of nowadays. It turns these baths into an oasis of peace of calm in the middle of the old town. Al-Andalus was the first hammam in Europe to reopen after its closing in XVI century and they know better than anybody how to join tradition and innovation. We invite you to forget about everything while you enjoy a relaxing massage and a hot water bath. The best way to finish a tiring day of visits in Granada. An unforgettable experience for your senses.    
From EUR 35
Drive a vintage car, with all the new technology, and discover the beautiful landscape of the Alpujarra of Granada The Alpujarra is a beautiful hidden region at the province of Granada, with traditional crops such as vineyards and almond trees. Due to the hilly landscape, the crops had to adapt to the terrain on very particular terraces. The towns of this region, with a singular Moorish style and whitewashed walls, dominate the valleys and ravines. The Alpujarra's gastronomy is also well known all around Spain and the famous "plato alpujarreño" is a must if you are visiting Granada. Candies made out of the local honey, handmade cotton carpets and courtains are also very popular at the Alpujarra. Enjoy it all while driving a convertible car, with a vintage looking but equipped with the latest technology, made by hand in Granada. Desing and strength all in one. Feel the breeze of Sierra Nevada mountais in your face while you hold the steering wheel of your dream car! Drive a vintage car, with all the new technology, and discover the beautiful landscape of the Alpujarra of Granada